Lee & Stephanie (Monaco) Siegel

Typically we don’t write reviews but in the case if Kader Construction and Jawad Abdulkader, we very much wanted to. Over two years ago, we launched into a substantial renovation and addition to our all stone and cement house. Working through many of the architectural complexities with Tom Manion (Manion & Associates), we handed completed plans to Jawad after considering other possible GCs.  He took these plans, which were quite good, and made them exceptional with his extreme attention to detail and keen architectural eye. We believe this project went off as well as it did in large part because of Jawad and Tom Manion’s extraordinary compatibility – architect and general contractor was a winning combination for us. Jawad looked at every architectural issue as a challenge to master. And that was the extraordinary quality of professionalism that Jawad brought to this endeavor every day.

Regarding the financial end of this project, obviously as important as any other part of a complex addition/renovation, we were never approached with any cost overrun that exceeded his original bid! Or, if something did cost more than estimated, he never made mention of it and absorbed the cost himself. When we added certain aspects to the original plans, such as complex vaulted ceilings due to the cement nature of the original house, or when we upgraded the quality of the windows in the house for soundproofing, Jawad counseled us as to how to accomplish these additional pieces of the project in the most economic way at no sacrifice to quality. And he made them happen.

Adding to the entire experience and pleasure of having worked with Jawad, a man of incredible honesty and unsurpassed attention to detail, he is now our friend. Throughout the entire months-long process, we never had a single moment of anxiety or doubt regarding our choice of selecting Jawad as our GC.

We would be delighted to speak to anyone who is considering retaining Jawad about his unparalleled capabilities, and equally happy to show off our beautiful home!


Lee and Stephanie (Monaco) Siegel, Bethesda, MD